A Modern Coastal House

I had a blast photographing this Modern Coastal House that was so beautifully curated by the talented Duckworth Interiors! The first thing I noticed about this home, aside from the welcoming and sophisticated reception you receive upon pulling up to it, is the easy sophistication that’s on display between the construction selections and the decor. The view of the pool and the manicured golf course just beyond it from the front door definitely adds to the attraction of course.


Formal Living


As you will see, there’s a nice thread of blue throughout this house. This is a great example of staying with the same color but mixing the textures of fabric along with the patterns to create a space that is both visually interesting yet calming and livable.


The warmths in the floors along with the refreshingly white backdrop really allow the blues and greens to pop! With such a bright backdrop it doesn’t take much to add great drama and depth to this space.

Another detail I really enjoyed was the way Kate let various elements like the beams and the shiplap fireplace bring in subtle visual elements to a room of white walls. That, i’m my opinion, is a great way to add visual interest without becoming overwhelming. That level of thought is felt throughout the entire home.


The Master Suite

Now this is all just my personal opinion so you can take that for what it’s worth. I feel that this wall color brings the POP down a notch and takes the space into just what I feel a master retreat should be…relaxing. The “sea foam” color paired with the warm creams and brown tones I think really creates a nice place to relax. Is it different from the rest of the home? Yes. But it’s the master and I think it works really well with the style of the home.

The other aspect of this master retreat I REALLY like is the use of different wood tones. When you can use different wood stains, textures in fabrics, etc. it takes a space from stark and flat to layered and livable. I think that difference is something a lot of people can’t quite put their finger on as to why a room feels so good to be in. It’s that layering of textures, colors (even neutrals) that gives it it’s livable, cozy and quite frankly, magazine quality appeal.


In The Kitchen

Now for one of my favorite places in, well, any home and that’s the kitchen. A well designed kitchen is something to behold. One aspect of a great kitchen that I really like is it first and foremost needs to FUNCTION well. This goes beyond what looks “pretty” and moves into almost a science. How is it going to be used? That dictates a lot of where things like the range, sink dishwasher and fridge will be place. You also need to be aware of how different materials “act” in different conditions.

I’m going to leave the explanation of this science to the experts. All I know about it is there’s some kinda of triangle that need to be in place. Past that I’m out!

Anyway, back to the surface level stuff. These are the things I’m liking about this kitchen.

  1. Smooth textured vent hood with raw wood. Whats not to love about that!

  2. Shiplap on either side of the range (down to the countertop) with black metal shelves.

  3. Gray backsplash that pulls the color from the island across the kitchen. Winner.

  4. And the the tiny, yet so important, detail of the blue range knobs. Remember the blue pops in the living room? Yup, those knobs just keep pulling the blue notes along the space. Small detail make all the difference!


Family Room

Sophisticated yet oh so cozy.

When you want a themed room, this is how you do it! To the outsider, you may have no clue as to what the “theme” is. But, to the home owner, there’s just enough for them to appreciate and feel comfortable in the space.

Take a look and see if you can guess what the possible themes (or appreciations) could be.


The Love doesn’t end on the first floor

For whatever reason, I just love layering art over shiplap or board and batten walls. I think it’s perfect. I just do.

Side note, can you find the hidden door in the below image?


The details really take a space from good to amazing.

That photograph in the dining area is a Gray Malin image of the Hamptons. Gray Malin happens to be one of the wife’s favorite photographers (no feeling hurt here) and the Hamptons is where her and her husband feel in love! Detail make everything.


What modern coastal home is complete without a completely amazing backyard retreat!?


Thanks for taking a look through this project and I hope you found them inspiring! I really love photographing this project!

Until next time, stay inspired!