it's one of my great joys to work with interior designers, as well as individual collectors, to create the perfect piece of photographic art for their space. 

Do you have a special place that brings you such joy to think about? Maybe it's a specific park bench in Paris...where your significant other proposed? It could even be a specific interest you're really into.  

Or, you're a designer searching for the perfect piece of art you know would mean so much to your clients? This is where you can commission that special piece. Much like you commission a painting, however, I use a lens and light.


Art That's Uniquely Yours

Pictured Left: The homeowner loved Marie Antoinette and had her study designed around that theme.  I was able to take this image of Versailles for her (pictured above the leopard settee).

The Process
Initial Consultation

discuss overall vision, design intent for the space the print will live, layout and subject matter.  

This is the part where I take my gear and seek out the perfect image(s) for you.  

make your selection(s) as well as finalize printing/framing details.

Print, Frame & Deliver
Each print is professionally printed on archival quality paper, signed and finally framed.  Your print(s) will be one of a kind, never to be printed again.  

Due to the variable nature of commissioned art, prices are based on the details of each individual commission.