Grant Duckworth Portrait

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Grant, which I’m sure you already knew. And, to state the even more obvious, I’m a photographer.

The goal of my work is to create portraits of your loved ones that are unique and embody the who. I want this process to be fun, relaxing and sometimes experimental. I find that this relaxed openness really creates the atmosphere for beautiful work. It’s my job to create this environment!

Whether you are after a very simply, minimal portrait of yourself, family or loved one OR you want something over the top and maybe themed, my style is always focused on the Fine Art spectrum. My hopes are for your intention to be on creating beautiful and professionally printed /framed images to hand proudly on your walls.

So how is this accomplished you may ask? Well, it start by getting to know each other. Finding out exactly what you’re looking for through a phone conversation. Helping you with wardrobe selection to achieve the look you’re after is a crucial part of the process. I know most of you already have a keen eye for style but I like to review outfits before hand to to ensure we get the style of images you’re after both from what the outfits provide as well as my backdrops, lighting, etc.

I’m here to make you feel absolutely comfortable during this process. Just because being photographed is a vulnerable endeavor, and one I am deeply honored to be apart of, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

One thing you won’t here me say very often if at all is to smile! My goal is to create an atmosphere that brings out you or your children’s true personality. That’s what I’m after and what I feel makes for the best and most authentic portraits. It’s always those true portraits that when looked back on, created emotion. I’ve seen old pictures of my kids when they DID NOT want to be photographed and I treasure those just as much as the ones of authentic smiles because it puts their spirit of display.

If you’d like to talk more about have portrait done, I’d love you to click the link below and fill out my brief contact form!

Oh and a bit more about me:

I am a HUGE if not the biggest Friends fan. If you don’t know what that is, I’m deeply hurt. You’ve just made me feel old!

Hooked on Juice Bars!

Art and pushing the boundaries of “normal” really gets me excited

I love tattoos, although you may not know that depending on what I’m wearing

I’m a dog guy!

currently have three little kiddos who have the unfortunate task of being my muse for crazy portrait ideas.

I’m not super bubble and have a humor that’s subtle so you have to be listening for it!

Raw and Authentic Portraits are my motivation!

I like Kale in smoothies…in salad it’s horrible! There I said it.

Love to Travel…with camera in hand of course!

Speaking of travel. Because of a recent trip to Italy I’m now obsessed with fresh squeezed Blood Orange Juice! The Best.